When are you open?  

  • Friday, August 31st - 11am to 11pm

  • Saturday, September 1st - 11am to 11pm

  • Sunday, September 2nd - 11am to 11pm

  • Monday, September 3rd - 11am to 7pm

Who are this years Rib Teams's?

  • N11 Texas Rangers

  • N12 The Hogfather BBQ (was Dinosaur BBQ)

  • N13 Pistol Pete's Smokehouse

  • N14 Boss Hogs

  • N15 Billy Bones

  • N16 Memphis Blazin' BBQ

  • N17 Miss Piggy's World Famous BBQ

  • N18 Crabby's BBQ Shack

  • N19 Crown Maple

  • S10 Carolina Rib King

  • S9 Sticky Fingers

  • S8 Hawgs Gone Wild

  • S7 Silver Bullet BBQ

  • S6 Uncles Sam's BBQ

  • S5 Bibbs Bar-b-Q

  • S4 Camp 31

  • S3 Gator BBQ

  • S2 Bone Daddy's

  • S1 Jack on the Bone

Who won the judges contest last year? 

Best judged ribs - 1. Camp 31, 2. Big Bone BBQ, 3. Billy Bones BBQ

Best Judged Sauce - 1. Uncle Sam's, 2. Billy Bones, 3. Memphis Blazin' BBQ

Best Green Pig Rig - 1. Crabby's BBQ, 2. Gator BBQ, 3. Uncle Sam's 

Who won the judges contest this year?

The award for BEST GREEN PIG RIG goes to: 
3rd - Billy Bones BBQ Canada 
2nd - Bone Daddy's BBQ & Smokehouse Canada
1st - Crabby's BBQ Shack

The award for BEST SAUCE goes to: 
3rd - Camp 31 BBQ 
2nd - Jack on the Bone 
1st - Miss Piggy’s BBQ

The award for BEST RIBS goes to: 
3rd - Carolina Rib King 
2nd - Silver Bullet BBQ
1st - Miss Piggy’s BBQ

What is the cost of admission?

Free! We appreciate donations at our West and East Gate or at any of our donation jars in the Beverage Tents. 

Can I bring my bicycle into the park?

We have an unstaffed bike corral near the East entrance of the park at Brant and Lakeshore Road. Ribfest takes no responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

Where can I park?

Click here to view parking information. 

Where is Accessible parking or drop-off?

Click here to view assistance information.

Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking is available by Spencer's Restaurant as will as around the downtown core. Visit this interact map for full details.   

What bands are playing/when?

Line up is available on our Entertainment tab 

Are children allowed in?

Yes, at all times. Family Rides at Ribfest are brought by Magical Midways Inc.  Ride tickets or coupons are $2.00 each or 20 tickets or coupons for $35.00. Ride tickets vary in price from 2 to  coupons. 


Escape Room?

We will have an Escape Room set up on site all weekend. Yes, an Escape Room! This is the first ever mobile escape room at a festival! This service is provided by Mission Possible Escape Rooms.

*Escape Room Experiences by Mission Possible Escape Rooms*
Mission Possible Escape Rooms will be bringing 3 different experiences to RibFest this year! A 20 minute portable Escape Room, an Outdoor Adventure (amazing race style) and a puzzle challenge! Put your problem-solving skills to the test! Tickets are available at Mission Possible Escape Rooms located beside the Gazebo.

Pricing will be as follows:

Immunity Quest:
2 players - $15
3 players - $20
4 players - $25
5+ players - $30

Puzzle Challenge
2-6 players - $10

Outdoor Adventure
Teams of 2-6 - $25




Do vendors accept Visa/Mastercard or Debit?

No, however there are ATM machines onsite.

Do the beer tents accept Visa/Mastercard or Debit?

Yes, they accept debit, credit, and cash.

How do I best support Rotary?

Canada's Largest Ribfest is Burlington's premier fundraising event proudly organized by RCBL. Funds raised at Ribfest support countless programs. Help us give back to the community, you can mail a cheque to: Rotary Club of Burlington Lakeshore, P.O. Box 85103, Burlington. Ont. L7R 4K3

Can I bring my dog or other pets?

No. There is a City regulation prohibiting pets in the event area during special events due to the large crowds.

Are there Ribfest hotel rates? 

Yes, we're glad you asked. In partnership with Tourism Burlington we are happy to offer Ribfest hotel rates. Click here for full details. 

What are the 50/50 prices?

Last year the winning ticket was for $25,285! The prices are 1 ticket for $5, 3 tickets for $10, 10 tickets for $20 and 40 tickets for $40. You must be 18+ to buy tickets. Our license number is LL#9991. Please play responsibly!

Club Saucy Seats (VIP)

  • $40 entry, August 31-September2, 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

  • $30 entry, September 3, 11:00 am - 6:00pm

  • $75 All You Can Eat Ribs! (Saturday & Sunday) 5:00-8:00 pm

  • $10 Front of Line Pass

  • $10 Snack Ticket (big bags of popcorn/chips/bottled water)

  • Located on the East side of Spencer Smith Park

  • Please note, no outside food or beverages of any kind are allowed in the park. As well, we do not allow any large bags or purses in the park.

Click here for more information about VIP Saucy Seats and getting tickets

Alcohol Responsibility

Canada's Largest Ribfest is one of the most anticipated events of the summer. Every year, people from throughout southern Ontario and beyond flock to the shores of Spencer Smith Park in Burlington for four days of fun and great tasting ribs. Canada's Largest Ribfest is a licensed event and alcohol can be purchased during the festival. Ribfest is also a family event, and we encourage everyone to enjoy themselves, be responsible with your alcohol consumption, and don't drink and drive. 

Which vendors will be at the festival?


  • The Hogfather BBQ

  • Boss Hogs

  • Billy Bones BBQ

  • Memphis Blazin' BBQ

  • Miss Piggy's World Famous BBQ

  • Crabby's BBQ Shack

  • Carolina Rib King

  • Hawgs Gone Wild

  • Silver Bullet BBQ

  • Uncle Sam's BBQ

  • Bibbs Bar-b-Q

  • Jack on the Bone

  • Crown Maple

Food Vendors

  • Churros

  • B&D Fries

  • The Candy Counter

  • Mr. Frosty

  • Tiny Toms Doughnuts


  • Fandango

  • ISG Sales

  • EL Tambache

  • C&O Arts

  • Mary's Bears

  • The Link

  • Scentsy

  • One Up

What other kinds of foods are available in addition to ribs?

Chicken, hot dogs, sausages, corn, baked potatoes, French fries, fried onions, donuts, funnel cakes, elephant ears, popcorn, ice cream, candies and more...

Are there vegetarian/vegan foods available?

Some, we are incorporating more vegetarian/vegan options! 

What is the price of ribs this year?

$24 full rack, less for smaller portions. All food vendors set their own prices. All prices are tax included.

Are there any gluten free options?

The following ribbers have gluten free sauce: Texas Rangers, The Hogfather BBQ, Pistol Pete's Smokehouse, Memphis Blazin' BBQ, Horn Dawgs, Crabby's BBQ Shack, Big Boned BBQ, Hawgs Gone Wild, Gator BBQ, Bibbs Bar-B-Q, Camp 31, Jack on the Bone, Uncle Sams BBQ and Silver Bullet BBQ. We do not yet have Halal options.

I'm interested in being a vendor, where can I apply?

Thank you for your interest in Canada's Largest Ribfest. Unfortunately, our vendor applications closed April 30th, we thank everyone who applied. Email confirmation will be sent within the next three weeks. Our 2019 vendor application will be open in the fall. 

I'm interest in being an entertainer, where can I apply? 

Thank you for your interest in Canada's Largest Ribfest. Unfortunately, our entertainment application closed in March, we thank everyone who applied. Email confirmations have been sent. Our 2019 entertainment application will open in the fall.  

Is there a volunteer FAQ's?

Yes, are are glad you asked, this link will take you to the volunteer FAQ's. 

Is there boat docking available?

Not ideal. Very limited areas, no docks.

I am a vendor, where do I park?

Parking is the full responsibility of the vendor. Please visit the city parking map for locations.

Nearby camping?

Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Who supplies the ribs?

Onsite, Sysco

Do you serve beef ribs?

Yes, some rib teams have beef as well.