AND the winning ticket to our 50/50 draw is.....#11819807005! The winner takes home $16,227.50! The winner has been notified.  Thank you all for your support! 

Canada's Largest Ribfest is proudly organized by the Rotary Club of Burlington Lakeshore. This is our largest and most successful community event and has been around since we planned Ontario's first Ribfest in 1996. Since that day, all proceeds collected have gone to charity.

Canada's Largest Ribfest is Burlington’s Premier Fundraising Event proudly organized by RCBL embodying Rotary Principles, community good will and club fellowship.



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Front of the Line Pass

Avoid the rib lines with a Front of the Line pass! Passes are $10 each and valid for one-time purchase of 4 rib dinners at any rib team. Look for the street teams selling tickets Friday from 1:45 - 8pm,  Saturday from 1:45pm - 8pm, Sunday from 1:45pm - 8pm and Monday from 1:45pm - 6pm.